DJ Lefto interview quarantine Brussels

We spoke with one of our favorite DJs and producers without a doubt.
DJ LeFtO tells us his insights on quarantine from his home in Brussels.
Prolific and versatile, LeFtO has affiliated with labels like Stones Throw or Jazzy Sport, to mention a couple.
Don’t miss his weekly show from Studios Brussel, always a pleasure to listen to his selections combining music from all genres and times.

1. How many days have you been locked down at home?

I’ve been in lockdown since February 14, the worst Valentine ever, I was playing Dubai the day before and was supposed to stay longer in the UAE but heard about the lockdown in Belgium and decided to change my return flight.

2. Are you keeping productive?

I must say it has been a few productive weeks, from production to online mixes and streams, and my 3 weekly regular radio shows, and of course all this with a 1-year-old baby at the house, nothing is easy right now haha.

 3. What’s keeping you sane?

I think our child keeps us sane, he gives us a lot of energy, it is also very important to take a deep breath when a situation becomes complicated, it definitely helps.

4. Three positive things about this?

Everything becomes relative, everyone is on the same level (famous or not, rich or poor), and I can finally hear the birds in the city.

5. 1 album/ 1 movie/ 1 book

Cleo Sol – Rose In The Dark / Parasite / haven’t been able to read a book lately.

6. Have you discovered anything about yourself?

I’ve learned that nothing is more important than keeping your relatives close and safe.

7. Do you think there will be positive changes to our society after this?

I hope that this situation is an eye-opener for many people who have voted for assholes who decided to cut fundings in healthcare, or in the health system, look at the situation in most countries.

I also hope that putting most of the world’s productions in the hand of one country (China), especially when it comes to urgent, lifesaving products, masks, for example, isn’t the best idea.  Some products should always be produced locally for the sake of our citizens, and to protect us.  Some heads should roll too in politics after a good investigation on what went wrong…

 8. How do you picture the day when they tell us: ok it’s over, we can start life again

There will be some euphoria for sure… I will probably visit all my friends first.

9. One quote/ conclusion

Wash your hands and open your eyes, this situation shows us who the real leaders are.


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