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When you ask Lalla what does she does, she just says: “High school teacher”, which already sounds like

“superhero” but taking the situation, all the effort teachers are doing, to help students and parents to

homeschool their kids right now, are mind-blowing.

But she is not only that, she is the true sneakerhead and lover, was one of @nike Masters of Air in 2017

that put together the Air Max Master, also avid vinyl collector, old school hip hop connoisseur.

She tells us about these days from Paris.


1. How many days have you been locked down at home?

It’s going to be 3 weeks, so 21 days or something

2. Are you keeping productive?

Yes, I’m a teacher in high school and I’m literally drowning with work.

Working/teaching from a distance has been the most challenging ever.

The French Educational system is exploding as we are trying not to collapse along with it.

To the point where I am actually considering a career change…

3. What’s keeping you sane?

A few close friends, some family members, and definitely MUSIC. Not trying to be poetic here but

looking at the morning sun by my front window makes me smile too. I love the view and I’m a very

early bird too.

4. Three positive things about this?

I don’t see any.

People bragging about how cool and thankful to be home and spend time with family…

I think these are the thoughts of people who actually didn’t do it before now!

Which is very sad when you think about it.

This period is giving me more time to think and look at the world we live in, and I really really don’t

like what I see.

5. 1 album/ 1 book/ 1 movie

Black Moon Enta Da Stage ( 1993 ) / The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison ( 1952 ) / La Cérémonie from

Claude Chabrol ( 1995 )

 6. Have you discovered anything about yourself?

Not really, this worldwide disaster emphasizes the fact we need a complete life change, and I do too.

It’s making me want to start over, somewhere else and totally differently. And I know it is going to happen.

 7. Do you think there will be positive changes to our society after this?

To be honest I’m not sure, I doubt maybe arouse suspicion from one another?

I think we are going to be super ecstatic for a sec to be out again, and be full of new resolutions for a week

maybe months but then everyday life shit kicks in and back to square one. We are way too egoistic,

individualistic and idle to start a complete makeover.  And profit is what makes our world go round.

8. How do you picture the day when they tell us: ok it’s over, we can start life again

People will go out and maybe start singing/screaming their freedom out loud in the streets, get drunk for

sure, coz that’s how so called cool people usually celebrate and that’s it !

9. One quote/ conclusion

“ Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”

Ralph Ellison (1952)

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