Today we speak with Italian musician, rapper and singer-songwriter Ghemon.

Based in Milan, Ghemon, is fighting the quarantine’s monotony keeping himself busy. He is used to an

extremelly active life! He has published 6 albums, 2 mixtapes, 3 EP’s and even a book. He has experience

being a radio host, stand-up comedian, and actor.


   1. How many days have you been locked down at home?

I live in Milan so we started very early. 33 days as we speak.

 2. Are you keeping productive?

My new album was supposed to drop in March, we moved it at the end of April. We suspended the tour,

as well. So in the meantime I keep myself busy studying the piano, doing interviews, some back-office

stuff and Instagram live sessions.

3. What’s keeping you sane?

I wake up early and I get ready as if I have to go out. I shower, shave, have breakfast and I get fully

dressed (except shoes). But then I actually don’t go out. Trust me, it works.

4. Three positive things about this?

I am less anxious.

Therefore I trust myself more.

And I give all the little things more importance and time.

5. 1 album/ 1 book/ 1 movie

Devin Morrison – Bussin’

“All The Pieces That Matter (The Inside Story Of The Wire)

Uncut Gems

6. Have you discovered anything about yourself?

As an artist you sometimes have doubts. “Am I any good? Am I a joke, an imposter?”. In these days

I find myself more confident of the skills I crafted my whole life, I think they will be my main

resource for the future.

7. Do you think there will be positive changes to our society after this?

Men normally forget the lessons they’ve learned very quickly. I think a more sensitive part of humanity

will adapt to the new reality and improve. The others will continue as if nothing had happened.

8. How do you picture the day when they tell us: it’s over, we can start life again.

I guess I will take the day off from work and stay at home chillin’. LOL

9. One quote/ conclusion

I think we have to find the funny side of life even when the disaster strikes. Laughter and music can get you

through everything.


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