Gerardo Vielba: Photographing his own soul.

Gerardo Vielba: Photographing his won soul.

Gerardo Vielba (Madrid, April 6, 1921 – November 4, 1992) was a Spanish photographer and photographic critic, president of the Royal Photographic Society from 1964 to 1992.

gerardo vielba

The Canal de Isabel II Room presents the exhibition ‘Gerardo Vielba, photographer. 1921-1992, dedicated to this Madrid-born author, also a theoretical and critical one. The exhibition is made up of 120 black and white images, such as this ‘Self-portrait in family’, Madrid, from 1962.

gerardo vielba

‘Cola en el barrio Roig’, Alicante, 1958. The exhibiton is curated by Antonio Tabernero.

Vielba loved to take pictures of children. On the left “La Banasta” from 1965. On the right “A ver…” from 1939.

The exhibition in the Canal de Isabel II Room includes a 17-minute documentary with testimonies from the daughters of Vielba, specialists and artists who explain their work.

gerardo vielba

“Children of the Louvre”. Vielba spent 6 days in Paris in 1962. The exhibiton gathers a multitude of photographs taken in Paris during those days.

gerardo vielba

“Hombre anuncio” also taken in Paris during those days.

gerardo vielba

‘Veraneo’, taken in Santander in 1960, is one of the best-known photographs of Gerardo Vielba, who chaired the Royal Photographic Society from 1964 until his death in 1992.

The Vielba time is a moment of transition from photography to modernity and his figure stands out for his leadership role among his generation. For the curator, Vielba was from Madrid together with Josep María Casademont in Barcelona, one of the great theorists “on which Spanish photography has been based.” The city and portraits are recurring themes in Vielba’s photography.

gerardo vielba

The exhibiton at Canal de Isabel II is opne for visits until the 25th of July.


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