We kick off the Quarantine series with legendary photographer Fats Shariff.

                               The multifaceted London creative tells us about his experience and thoughts during these days.


                              1. How many days have you been locked down at home?

                                  I wanna say 18 days

                              2. Are you keeping productive?

                                   Yes, I am thankfully

                              3. What’s keeping you sane?

                                  Well as production manager for PATTA, and owner of my own production company,  Asia is back at work so

                                  the machine needs feeding & work needs to continue to happen.

                              4. Three positive things about this?

                                   I’m busy from 8.30am to at least 3.30pm each day on my lap top. Also the fact that people are back at work

                                   over there, give us a ray of light that there is an end in sight.

                              5. 1 album/ 1 movie/ 1 book

                                  John Coltrane – My Favourite things/ Lawrence of Arabia/ Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

                              6. Have you discovered anything about yourself?

                                   I seem to get more done in Isolation, fewer distractions. I am a lot more patient than I used to be !!!

                               7. Do you think there will be positive changes to our society after this?

                                   I hope so, I hope that we come away with more community spirit and love of mama nature. This has shown

                                   that now big business, govt or money can help here. We are at the mercy of our real mother. She’s angry and 

                                   reminding us we are the Virus & we need to get better at being us.

                                8. How do you picture the day when they tell us: ok it’s over, we can start life again

                                    A bizarre moment, people will be out celebrating that’s for sure, but as above I hope they celebrate with

                                    more, open your doors. But it will be a strange adjustment, but one I am looking forward to & seeing what


                                 9. One quote/ conclusion

                                      ME, WE – Muhammad Ali – that says it all, togetherness is the way forward, that’s how we will make a change.




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