We first met Chris Chang some years ago through his work for The Word On The Feet: “The Voice of

the Sneaker Community”, founded by himself.

Jamaican raised in London, Chris is a Cultural Expert, Frontline Human Rights Investigator, Content

Creator and Artist.

And we don’t say any of these things lightly, he spends his life traveling to investigate and help people

that has been wrongfully convicted all around the world but when it comes to having fun and music, he is

also “The Voice of the Party”.


1. How many days have you been locked down at home?

Around 12 days.

2. Are you keeping productive?

Staying productive, catching up on work whilst making sure family and friends are good.

3. What’s keeping you sane?

Good people. Family and friends, calls and messages with them. Focusing on work. Music, that one thing

that always keeps me going.

4. Three positive things about this?

Great time to catch up on work and personal projects. Clean your sneakers. Reflect on life and your

personal/professional priority lists. Be creative. Just ahem you know do that thing and Create!

5. 1 album/ 1 movie/ 1 book

Album: Debarge, The Best of Debarge. Something new: Jadakiss, Ignatious

Movie – The Platform

Book: Jacques Romain, Gouverneurs de la Rosee

 6. Have you discovered anything about yourself?

I’m learning to be more patient and as corny as it might sound; learning to trust the process.

Sometimes you can’t force the pace so be patient.

 7. Do you think there will be positive changes to our society after this?

I hope so, there needs to be. We have to treat our universe better and allow it to breathe. Our leaders

have to value the people more. And we have to realize how important we all are, how important the

people around us are, always. And how important our one shot at life really is!

8. How do you picture the day when they tell us: ok it’s over, we can start life again

The most immense TURNUP this world has ever seen! I am gonna party for at least a month.

BUCKWILD BIZNIZZ! Dance and act the fool and enjoy everything.

9. One quote/ conclusion

Seize the Time – Founder Member of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale – Even more poignant now.


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