Adidas Originals X Bad Bunny

Adidas Originals X Bad Bunny

adidas Originals and Bad Bunny celebrate the beginning of their creative partnership. Gathered through shared values ​​of innovation, creativity, and self-expression, this long-term partnership will see both the three-band brand and the Puerto Rican artist work on collaborative projects and releases over the next few seasons. Driven by the musician’s eccentric personality, the collaboration begins with Bad Bunny’s playful version of the Adidas Originals Forum Buckle Low silhouette nicknamed “The First Café.”

Already established as one of the most influential artists of this generation, Bad Bunny has also made a name for himself as a fearless creative force who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Forging his own path and unafraid to avoid convention, the multidisciplinary artist is simultaneously a Grammy-nominated musician, an entrepreneur, a social activist, and a fashion icon whose sense of style transcends borders. This historic partnership marks the first time that Adidas has collaborated with a Latin artist on a global scale.

Adidas Original X Bad Bunny

“I have always loved sneakers since I was a kid. They were the essential detail of the style he wanted and the look he wanted to have depending on what he was going to do that day. I used to go out with my friends and we asked ourselves, what shoes are you going to wear today? At the same time, we were talking about those sneakers that we dream of having one day, ”says Bad Bunny.

“It is something that defines you and at the same time unites people. Ultimately, it’s what comes with you and adds flair as you go down the path you choose to take. Nowadays, I feel great creating my own design with people with whom I share the same feeling. It feels amazing knowing that my next steps will be in my own shoes. “

Adidas Originals X Bad Bunny

Giving back and rewarding has characterized Bad Bunny’s career, and each of his projects is linked to a humanitarian act. adidas and Bad Bunny are driven by a shared spirit of making a difference through community support. As such, they are committed to distributing sneakers to low-income communities in need throughout the life of the collaboration.

For the first installment, Bad Bunny brings his inimitable eye to the iconic Forum Buckle Low. Nicknamed “The First Café”, the version of Bad Bunny refers to the essential cup of coffee that starts the daily routine of the artist. This unique silhouette features a premium leather upper paired with suede overlays, as well as a distinctive buckle closure, and is crafted in a coffee-inspired colorway.

Adidas Originals X Bad Bunny

The “The First Café” Forum Buckle Low sneaker will be available starting March 17 on the Adidas CONFIRMED app in Europe and the US, at select customers and through Uber Eats in Puerto Rico.

Adidas Originals X Bad Bunny

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