People of great influence in sports and culture, such as Beyoncé, Mo Salah, or Leo Messi, have participated in this campaign explaining what their vision is and what possibilities they saw to change their world.

Through a series of 20 videos, Adidas explains the brand attitude with which it will work to expand the limits of human possibilities, to include and unite people through sport, and to create a more sustainable world.

Understand that the world is a place full of possibilities. Claim our most rebellious optimism. In short, see possibilities where others only see the impossible. Today, Adidas unveils the evolution of its unmistakable IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING brand message, which is rooted in the firm belief that sport has the power to change lives.

For Adidas, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING is a way of seeing and acting on the world, shared by its entire community and all its allies. To prove this, Adidas is launching today the most ambitious audiovisual series to date, starring some of the most influential people in the world and who have managed to revolutionize it in their field thanks to the fact that they saw a possibility.

The German brand releases 20 videos with 20 looks. Among them, that of Beyoncé, that of Mo Salah, or that of the founder of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch. All of them have changed the world of culture, sport, or sustainability. With videos in documentary mode, you can see images of your most intimate environments, archival videos, and even unreleased home videos.

One of them stars Beyoncé, in which you can see how she believes in the possibilities of inviting us all to find our own voice and that we celebrate with her the differences that unite us. Or that of Mo Salah, who despite having played in different teams, has remained true to his game and himself, because he believes in the union of people through sport.

Demonstrating how this attitude is embedded in Adidas DNA, some of the videos explore what it means for the brand to create an innovative design: from breaking the barriers of human speed, as achieved with adizero Adios Pro; to contribute to the end of plastic pollution thanks to the collaboration with Parley and its CEO Cyrill Gutsch.

In addition to these videos, many Adidas athletes, content creators, and collaborators have joined the IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING movement. Leo Messi himself, one of the best footballers of all time, who has changed our way of understanding football by making what seemed impossible possible, explains his view of the world: “Where others see greatness, I see an opportunity to thank everything this game has given me. “

Another participant is content creator The Gregf, who notes that where others saw simply a gamer, he saw the possibility of broadening the definition of sport. Pedri, Morata, the Kitesurfing champion Gisela Pulido or the recent European 400m champion Óscar Husillos, will also share their views of possibilities in the coming days, along with more than 2000 athletes and artists from around the world.

adidas impossible is nothing

Brian Grevy, a member of the Adidas Executive Board, explains that “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING is much more than a campaign:” It is our mantra. Seeing possibilities with optimism is critical to achieving our purpose of changing lives through the power of sport. This attitude is what inspires us every day and what drives us to build the future. Only those who see possibilities can create a better tomorrow for all people. “

With this attitude of optimistically seeing possibilities, Adidas has recently unveiled its strategic plans for the coming years with three approaches with which to create a better future in the world of sport: sustainability, credibility, and inclusion.

Adidas sees possibilities to create a more sustainable future and is committed to stopping the use of virgin polyester by 2024 and replacing it with recycled polyester in all products manufactured by the tri-band brand, among other initiatives.

He also sees possibilities to unite and include all people through sport, which means, for example, extending the contract with UEFA, in the face of the women’s EURO and Champions League.

And, of course, you see possibilities to drive innovations that have never been done before. That’s why it’s taking technologies like 3D printing to the extreme with the upcoming release of 4DFWD.

The IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING series of episodes begins today, April 19, and new stories of the possible will arrive throughout the spring and into the summer. You can see all the stories of possibilities in @adidas_ES and


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