A little bit about Oil Agency

Our passion is Communication. We specialize in Digital Communication and Social Networks. OIL adopts a practical approach to cultivate executable strategies so that our clients position themselves for many more years of future growth and success. Our team is made up of Community Managers, Copywriters, experts in network advertising for Branding and Conversion. We believe in the power of information exchange through a natural and continuous dialogue between the product and the consumer. OIL was founded according to the principle of reinvention, preserving and establishing the integrity of the brand. We work with influencers, we create quality content. We organized some very fun events for brands and stores. Identify unknown areas in the market, use the brands, create, innovate, collaborate and articulate a personalized original vision. Now we spend more time inside than outside. We are now making our media division a very strong and reliable source among fashion media. Stay tuned for daily information on the latest news about fashion, beauty, music, art ... Our goal is to maximize the potential of each brand. Our creative concepts have helped companies like Kangol, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Converse, Urban Jungle, All Gone book... If you have a store or a brand, we would like to work with you. We could take you social networks or plan a Digital Communication action. We could also help you develop a strategy in RRSS.


Vanessa Castillejo founded Oil Agency in 2019. She began her career in Media as a Special Event Manager for a sneakers and streetwear company, from there she went to work as a freelance communication consultant founding this very own agency, Oil Agency. “Vanessa Castillejo, has been working in the fashion business since she was 18 years old, getting into the industry initially as a very successful, full-time model, and later, as a result of her genuine love for fashion and the culture connected to it, working in several different aspects of the industry. From being a store owner, Moustache, brand founder and designer of some different brands like Moupia or BAAQ,  to now doing what she loves most in the fashion business; communication and marketing. A simple formula but one that is not often done; listening to people and connecting them with the right brands.